qalo rings

Qalo Wedding Rings

Who would have thought a silicone wedding ring would be so popular?

These rings are made for men (sizes 8-15) and women, (sizes 5-8) who use their hands a lot working at rough or dirty jobs, doing athletics or spending a lot of time in outdoor activities.

QALO stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. The prices start at just around $20, and can stand in as wedding rings during those times when your precious metal rings might be damaged.

Or, just get a pair of Qalos for you and your spouse instead of metal ones.

As the owners of QALO like to say, “The idea that you’re valued by how expensive your wedding ring is, or that a more expensive one is supposed to mean someone loves you more? That's  ridiculous."

Good Looking, Durable, Comfortable

Qalo rings fit well and are a bit stretchy. They won't warp or shrink. And they come in lots of colors and color combinations, to suit your personality.

Come in any time to try one on and see how comfortable a Qalo ring feels.